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Uprootedness Exhibiton


Venue: 310 NXRd, London, SE14 6AF

9 June – 12 June 2017

Private View: Thursday 8 June, 7.00–9.30pm

Uprootedness is a month-long exhibition programme addressing the condition of

uprootedness as both a pressing social political issue and a reflection of artists’

personal experiences of displacement. Consisting of three exhibitions and one

performance night, the programme brings together artists from diverse cultural

backgrounds, facilitating open dialogues that result in intensive collaborations

and productive discourses.

Responding to the recent surge of nationalism, the programme aims to extend the

discussions beyond the pessimistic account of uprootedness as pathology of

globalisation. The artists are invited to investigate the transformative potentials

of the perpetual movement implied by uprootedness. Drawing on the concept of

‘hybridity’ by Homi Bhabha and ‘nomadic identity’ by Chantal Mouffe, the

programme aims to further the exploration of identity as a multifaceted and

ever-changing result of constant interactions.

Participating artists:

Mariana BISTI, Daithi DUBHMOR, Steven MORGANA, Roel VAN PUTTEN, and Katja VERHEUL.


Styr Fry Papaya (Zi HAN, Jessica CSK, Francesco MILAN, Camille JAMAIS).

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