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Future Proof is an attempt to confront the impossible without any hope to overcome it, yet without any hesitation to confront its insurmountable limit. It is a metaphor for the reflection on existence and an homage to the Sisyphean perseverance of the human condition in its eternal struggle to construct meaning. The marks left on the wall are the stains in the mirror of reflection, the Subject’s traces in time and space, the proof of existence and the past, present and future of its condition. 




Performance for a camera at the Slade School of Fine Art.

Screened at the MA/MFA Slade School of Fine Art Interim Show (London, 2015), Velorose Gallery (London, 2016), the Crypt Gallery (London, 2016) and Taipei Artist Village (London, 2017). 


Special thanks to Foteini Georgiadi, Emily Lazerwitz, Miguel Miceli. 


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