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2019 (ongoing)

The Athenian landscape is a labyrinth. 


A maze of artificial borders defined by streets, buildings, neighbourhoods, constantly developing itself, evolving its structure and texture. The continuous - and in times dramatic - influx of people keeps Athens in a relentless motion, resembling an eternal crossing of cultures, memories and identities. 


Its frantic urban development came as a result of waves of immigration and mass mobility of rural populations in the city. Neither East, nor West, Athens is the memory of a self-fulfilled passage: past, present and future confront each other in a series of unlinear reflections. It is the body of history covered by multiple layers of its manifestation. 


This work rearranges playfully the urban landscape of Athens, reclaiming its image as a grid of weaved micro-histories, memories and urban development. The work acts as a reflector of Athens’ own suffocating urban beauty and its unstoppable force. 

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